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Hostkey Admin 1.1 1 In case you have identified that HOSTKEY services are used in violation of the HOSTKEY’s Terms and Conditions, HOSTKEY’s Terms of Service or any applicable law, you can use HOSTKEY Complaint procedure.
Hostkey Admin 2.1 3 To report notifications concerning (alleged) unlawful content on the Internet, please, use [[HOSTKEY Notice and Takedown Procedure>>doc:General.Notice and Takedown Procedure.WebHome]].
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7 Please notice, HOSTKEY is not responsible for the content of the resources of our clients and is not competent to detect law violations. In the case of any problems associated with these violations, you should contact the competent authorities.
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10 If you want to report about spam, phishing pages or sites containing malicious/viral content, please, [[contact us>>mailto:[email protected]]].
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Hostkey Admin 2.1 14 Requirements for any reports are set forth HOSTKEY [[complaint procedure>>doc:General.Complaint procedure.WebHome]].
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