Most of the server control actions are part of the eq (equipment) resource

Server control actions:

eq.phplistGet servers list, search for servers
eq.phpshowGet full information about the server
eq.phpupdate_serversRefresh the active server's list


HTTP Method - POST

ParameterRequiredType Value/defaultDescription
action    *        stringlist Main action - Get servers list, search for servers. The "list" function returns the server's id which matched search criteria. 
default (no extra parameters)                         Return all assigned server's ids
location              string               Show servers from a specific region. Possible values: RU, NL and US. Example: location=RU,NL (all servers from RU and NL regions)
status             string               show servers with a specific status. Possible customer's statuses:  rent (active server), power_off (suspended for a reason). Example: status=power_off will show all suspended servers.
component            string              servers with a specific component like CPU or GPU. Usage component=12345,5456,.. where numbers are components ids
ip             string              server with specific IP address. Example: ip=
mac             string              server with specific MAC address.  Example: mac=
Mini            string              compact servers with single CPU and IPMI
Storage             string              servers intended to be used as a storage
Nodes             string              servers intend to be used as virtualization nodes
Micro            string              servers with single CPU and without IPMI
VPS              string              virtual servers
1CPU             string              servers with single CPU
2CPU           string              servers with dual CPU's
Dell              string              Dell branded servers
Gpu            string              GPU servers
Instances             string              Servers with standard configuration and full remote control
AMD          string              EPYC and Ryzen based servers

You may request several groups  like group=1CPU,AMD (mean all servers with groups 1CPU AND AMD)
For search inside server's tags  API call resource tags, action user_search. More information in the Tags documentation.

curl -s "" -X POST \
--data "action=list" \
--data "token=" \


HTTP Method - POST

ParameterRequiredType Value/defaultDescription
action    *        stringshow Main action - The show action provides full data about the specific server. 
token      *        string              Your session token
id     *        int              Your server ID
curl -s "" -X POST \
--data "action=show" \
--data "token=" \
--data "id="


HTTP Method - POST

ParameterRequiredType Value/defaultDescription
action    *        stringupdate_serversMain action - Refresh the active server's list. If the customer has ordered or released a server, it's necessary to refresh the server's list.  This action will check again inventory and refresh token with the current server's list. 
token      *        string              Your session token
ResourceActionHTTP MethodDescription
curl -s "" -X POST \
--data "action=update_servers" \
--data "token=YOUR_USER_TOKEN"