Some operation with the servers could take a long. Many API calls will return async key when called.


Step 1 Example request to reboot server cURL:

curl -s "" -X POST \
--data "action=on" \
--data "token=YOUR_ACCESS_TOKEN" \
--data "id=SERVER_ID" \
--data "pin=PIN_CODE"



it means what async request was successfully sent, async key to keep track of it is f685eaa0f06e47faa2e6bb5002828b00

Step 2 You could track state of the request:

curl -s "" -X POST \
--data "action=check" \
--data "key=f685eaa0f06e47faa2e6bb5002828b00"

Uncompleted task response (Result: Not ready):

 "result":"Not ready",

Completed task response (Result: OK):

 "result": "OK",
 "scope": "Post is on",
 "context": {
   "action": "on",
   "id": "SERVER_ID",
   "location": "NL"
 "debug": "Chassis Power Control: Up/On",
 "key": "f685eaa0f06e47faa2e6bb5002828b00"
scopemessage to the user
contextJSON with initial request and some extra data. Usefull to proceed during AJAX calls
debughardware output from device
keyour async key. Its become deleted after successful response OK